Civil Works

Civil Domain has versatile expertise this field. Top level consultancy and management are leaded by high level qualified BUET graduates.

We would like to establish a reputation in the service sector as a company, which offers:

–Dependable Services
–Response to Changing Needs
–Value Addition


This domain offers the following services.

Civil Domain

  • Development of Maps (topographic, DTM)
  • Consultancy works in Environment Management Plan
  • Consultancy and Construction in Effluent Treatment Plan
  • Research and Development works (fiber concrete)
  • Design of superstructures (Concrete and Steel) mostly by FEMs
  • Design of foundation (applying DTL methods involving field test)
  • Project Management by DTL methods
  • Field Survey (equipped with total station, theodolite, level and GPS)

Service Offer

  • DTL construct infrastructure for BTS.
  • Provide Best quality works in all part of Construction.
  • Provide best management in construction works.
  • We have the capacity of constructing 12-15 sites at a time.
  • DTL provide service in construction of
  • –Green field
  • –Roof top

Civil Design

  • We provide our clients with most economic design of any type of civil engineering structures giving major emphasis on safety & clients requirements.
  • Our strong design team consists of highly qualified engineers and architects are capable to do any kind of challenging design.
  • We are experienced in design of high rise buildings, factory buildings, telecom sites etc.