Radio Network Optimization & Planing

Delta Telecommunication Limited network management team offers post-deployment radio frequency optimization and day-to-day operation and maintenance of wireless networks. Post-deployment optimization services include testing network elements, tuning the network for optimal performance and identifying elements that need to be upgraded or replaced. Maintenance and operation services cover critical network elements, encompass the full range of technologies, and offer complete network operating center services.

  • Basically, the RF engineer should ensure that all functionality tests are successful.
  • Proper call setup and termination within acceptable call setup times
  • No dropped calls – except due to loss of coverage.
  • No failed handovers
  • QoS should be maintained within the statistical threshold (mutually agreed)

RF Optimization (GSM, EDGE, CDMA and UMTS)

  • Continuous Wave (CW) Drive Testing/ Key Channel Drive Testing
  • Shakedown Drive Testing
  • Cluster Optimization Drive Testing
  • Pre-In-service System Performance Baseline Drive Test
  • Data Drive Testing
  • Final Acceptance Drive Test

Data Post Processing and Analysis

Data analysis of the unloaded drive data will primarily consist of processing the data through the post-processing software. The post processing tool functionalists should include:

  •  Ability to read & combine log files from various drive testing collection tools
  •  Display Layer 1 measurements in Excel, txt, html and other formats and display plots of all metrics
  •  Perform statistical analysis of gathered data and provide a means to replay log files and drill down into Layer 3 messages,  for both the Downlink and Uplink, in a time synchronized format.
  •  Possess built-in templates and scripts for instant generation of reports.