servicesToday’s networks are under extreme pressure to follow traffic patterns and capacity needs whilst, at the same time, dealing with the exponential growth of data usage. Smartphones, data tariffs, mobile applications — all just eat up your bandwidth.

The CTOs of these operators are constantly under pressure to reduce OPEX and CAPEX and yet they have to continue to deliver quality services to their customers. In their quest to fill this tall order, they squeeze their assets and look to new technologies to further increase capacity. As networks become more complex, the ability to use resources more efficiently and manage assets more effectively becomes the difference between being competitive and stagnating in today’s dynamic mobile environment. This is where Celcite’s MSA solutions come in. Each of our MSA solutions leverage the automation, correlation, and efficiency benefits provided by our flagship unified network management platform, COPS™. These services are managed by skilled specialists with proven field experience giving you a level of confidence only Celcite can deliver.

Technical domain of Delta Tech, LLC has core competency for end to end UMTS and LTE deployment. Delta Tech has partner relationship with all the large carriers like AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile and vendors like Ericsson in USA.

We have the potential to carry a 2G network to UMTS network hand to hand starting from network dimensioning to planning the network. We also have network roll out team which can help to deploy the network. After network deployment we can help to improve the network performance and tune it time to time if needed. We can also help to share the traffic between 2G and 3G network.a

Following services are currently served by Delta Telecom:

Radio Optimization & Planing

Operation & Maintenance

Software Development

Area Survey

Civil Works